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New shirts. Old shirts $10 now in our store. 

Also, in celebration of its 1st anniversary, Nosh Pit has been made free to download. Grab it, share it.

Duece Freight Renaissance Man Out Now!!!

Most importantly, Duece Freight released his debut LP Renaissance Man on June 24th and I'm terrible at updating this site. My bad yall.

With production from Beatnerd Hub ( ), Othawordz ( ) and Jah Connery ( https://acklikeyouknow.dummy ), this thing is a little fire emoji. Nah, more like five. And a horse or some shit. Support that. Make this man rich. If there is anyone I want to see spiral into a Scarface shaped power struggle, its him. His monologue would be fucking epic.

Salute to my Rooks brother!!!

Rooks Be Cause! Turns 3 as Duece Celebrates!

Three years ago tomorrow (I'll be too drunk to blog #hbdusa #td2b) Rooks' (Duece Freight X Jah Connery) Be Cause! was dropped in America's lap.

Duece Freight just released his long awaited freshman LP Renaissance Man on June 24th. Check out the music he and I made over the long distance between Detroit and Dallas. 

The Lum Podcast #7 w/Intricate Dialect feat. LXL

Warren Peace and Jah Connery of LXL were featured on Intricate Dialect's most recent episode of the Lum Podcast. Idski did an amazing job of communicating who LXL is without any traditional Q&A. True to our aesthetic, he blends in Detroit TV nostalgia with our weird theories and tour stories.

Listen to the other ones. I suggest checking the fresh tape dub rap style on the Fahrenheit 2040 episode, or the radical thinking philosophy on the Kadence episode. 

LXL + Intricate Dialect Spring Mini-Tour

LXL and Abolitionist rap genius Intricate Dialect are hitting a few Midwest cities next week.

Wednesday, 4/6 - Pittsburgh, PA - Pittsburgh Art House w/ Mario Quinn, Asha'e Snefru and George Hollow 

Friday, 4/8 - Bloomington, IN - King Dough w/ RJuna and Mathaius Young 

Saturday, 4/9 Kalamazoo, MI - The Headquarters w/ True F.O. and Wu Zee 

We are still trying to solidify a booking for the 7th in any of the following cities: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Columbus, Bloomington, Indianapolis... And anywhere in between.

We're so excited that Warren Peace and I have been practicing sitting in his car. We're getting pretty good.

Ham Rock Celebration and More...

Depending on where you live, that is. Tomorrow, Friday night LXL plays Hamtramck Music Fest at the Polka Dot with Detroit Cydi, Destroy This Place and Poor Player.

You have to get a wristband at P.L.A.V. POST #10, The New Dodge Lounge, Kelly's Bar Hamtramck, Small's, or Detroit Threads, which you can do on your way to the show tomorrow night. Hope to see you!

LXL also has several shows coming up out of town. Maybe you live in or near these towns. 

4/6 Pittsburgh -- TBA w/Intricate Dialect

4/7 Columbus -- TBA w/Intricate Dialect

4/8 Bloomington -- King Dough w/Intricate Dialect

4/9 Kalamazoo -- TBA w/Intricate Dialect, Wu Zee and True F.O.

In May we'll be back to Bay City. I'll announce that soon.  


Pre-Order Your Copy of LXL's #NoshPit Today!!!

On September 19th, we will be releasing the freshman effort from LXL, entitled Nosh Pit. Streaming consciousness that tackles the tough issues from healthy snack alternatives to cuckolding your dad, WarrenPeace, Jah Connery and KeeFlo hit you with a quick boom bap classic that will leave you wishing you'd splurged on the buffet.

Don't forget to attend the gala to celebrate its debut being held in Eastern Market, Detroit.

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