jah connery


For the last 20 years, Jah Connery has been pushing the boundaries of traditional hip hop. While cultivating a sound that is distinctively hip hop, and specifically Detroit, Connery has injected his own personal culture into his music, often employing concepts, sounds, and references not commonly found in the standard rap lexicon. Having grown up on a healthy mix of punk and soul, Jah approaches his art with an affection for outsider art that makes you feel things. Consequently, Jah’s brand of rap falls somewhere between the M in “emo” and the N in “Eno” (as in ambient/post-rock pioneer Brian Eno).


As a producer, Connery has worked with a variety of rappers from Detroit and abroad, including Pseudo Slang, Passalacqua, and Josef Coney Island on his Cosmic Gossip EP, but is most notable for having produced celebrated Detroit rap groups Large Extra Large (with fellow MC WarrenPeace and life-long homie and DJ Kee Flo), Smash Television (with Leaf Erikson), and Rooks (with Dallas-based rapper Duece Freight). Jah’s powerful voice also does half the lifting on all of their releases, as well as loosies with Detroit greats like Intricate Dialect (The Lum podcast), Jeremy ‘Ayro’ Ellis, and Phat Kat



As a human, he is a divorced father to two daughters, with a drive to build a world that empowers them. He writes and does the crossword and he’s pretty nice in the kitchen. You’re more likely to find him walking in the woods with a dog than posting up on any block these days.


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