• Josh Davis

Jah Connery's "Nah": Detroit Rap Nihilism

Updated: Jan 15

2020 was a full breath of sewer steam, and has initiated many of our doom sequences (RIP to one of the greatest ever, DOOM!) Seemingly beset on all sides by choices between greater and lesser evils, we were forced to ask ourselves whether we'd stay home or risk potentially fatal illness; stay home (where we're not risking illness) or go out to protest intense social injustices; who's gonna be president, this rapey orange fuck or this rapey other fuck who will may possibly have a slightly more progressive platform? Basically, here's a list of two things you shouldn't have to choose from, which will it be?

... Can we just say "nah" though?

The act of choosing nothing is, admittedly, unsustainable, but in that spirit, I created an album that can maybe serve as the "no" screamed into the pillow of our collective lives. Incorporating themes of rejection, isolation, time-based-anxiety, and ultimately gratitude, I set out to stuff all the pain and growth of 2020 into a 45 minute digestible capsule. Part of me feels its important to address the particularities of my shit-show year, but a bigger part of me knows any of you have had one yourself, so I think I'll let the work speak for itself.

As far as personnel goes on this long player, I tapped Mr Demented, A7mc, and Victor Hall to round out a mostly self produced album. I also asked A7mc to drop a verse, as well as Warren Peace, Intricate Dialect, and Chicago homie Pseduo Slang. The artwork was done by Detroit-based print artist and musician Carmel Liburdi.

So, on January 20th, when many of us will be lamenting the choices we maybe felt forced to make, I'm hoping you will join me in this nihilist prayer I have decided to call Nah. It will be streaming on all platforms, but available for purchase via bandcamp. Limited cassette copies soon to follow.