• Josh Davis

Josef Coney Island and more

Greetings humans. Any big plans for the weekend? Just kidding, you're going to be watching Ozark season 3 or Tiger King or some damned thing, because y'all aren't going outside, right? Right, good.

Next Friday, or Good Friday, if you're into contemporary mythology, marks the long-awaited release of Josef Coney Island's 9-song EP entitled Cosmic Gossip, produced entirely by label-founder Jah Connery. Cosmic Gossip blends Josef Coney's uncanny word play with creative works of hip hop that span the influences of jazz and true-school era boom-bap goodness.

In addition to our Good Friday blessings, May 10 will see the release of Jah Connery's own conceptual EP Henry Hill, a rap meditation on the reverberating effects of mental illness. If you're staying on the ride, you'll be treated to more summer releases from Connery, as well as supposedly disbanded-bands Smash Television and Large Extra Large.

Stay up.


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