• Josh Davis

Jah Connery's "Quiet Life" Gets Video Treatment

I'm going to keep it one-hunnit right now: trying to promote a record in this post-social society is wildly challenging. As an artist, I really like DIY projects, but value the expertise of my peers tremendously. So, I'd like to be frank about one thing: I am not a video artist.

That said, so much of isolation is learning to be more self-sufficient and to make due with what you have. "Quiet Life" was conceptualized, shot, and edited 100% by me at home. The home itself is my partner's home, where I've been laying my head for the past few months. Normally, I wouldn't address such deeply personal struggles on a page designed for marketing music, but the idea of 'home' feels germane to this thing we're all experiencing right now: isolation.

In August of 2019, my marriage (and thus home) fell apart despite both parties best efforts. Prior to that, most of our efforts went into building a 'home' together (not like actually building; idk how to build houses). Due to all the "unprecedented times" 2020 brought us, I found myself in a position where selling that home was dire, and finding a new home for myself and my daughters in a timely manner was untenable. So since December, I've been splitting my time between others' homes while those matters are handled.

The first 6 months of quarantine I was one of those going it alone. I had my daughters half-time, but as any parent will tell you, kids don't serve as a social outlet or safety-net. The stay-at-home order hit less than two months after the mother of my children moved out. Needless to say, solitude was not productive; I was devastated.

Don't trip; I'm fucking good y'all. I'm privileged to have good people in my corner and a pre-disposition toward self-improvement. I had the resources and fortitude to get through it, neither detail do I take for granted. I (clearly) found rewarding relationships in spite of the pandemic (I know, I know, maybe not the coolest thing ever to meet new people, but mind ya biz), but more importantly, I learned how to depend on and love myself. Get you some of that.

Anyyyywayyy. Mr. Demented sent me some beats when those isolated feelings were at their scariest, and I penned this song in minutes. Real talk. I wrote and recorded four joints to his beats in a hypomanic fit that lasted two hours, back in April. "Quiet Life" is my favorite of them, but the rest are straight heat and will be emerging soon (perrrrhaps even a new Smash Television track, but you ain't hear it from me...)

At 3pm today, Wednesday February 24, the video will drop on my YouTube channel so click that boy and subscribe. Also, if you don't follow me on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates and hype shit.

'Nuff said, here's the thing:

Jah Connery - Quiet Life